The Common Purpose – State Control of the Press by Appointment

David Cameron declares his interests with Common Purpose. Suddenly the press and media realise that he was part of the same Common Purpose that created the Leveson Inquiry. It was an oversight? No State Control of the Press is by appointment…

Nothing could be so obvious, for those that are prepared to look, that the British State is taking direct control of the press via the Leveson Inquiry. This will only be the start. Controls for the wider TV media and Web based media will follow, as sure as night follows day. For now we will concentrate on the press – the follow on should then be obvious. Firstly we recognise that the Mainstream Press is not really free in any sense. Whatever the title, Telegraph, Mail, Sun, Guardian or other, the publication is controlled by those that control the finances and their legal teams, who are in turn controlled by the Bar Council, to whom they pledge their allegiance. History demonstrates however that despite this control, truth has a habit of bubbling to the surface, as competing journalists and titles publish their wares. True enough, the increasing  centralisation of newspaper titles in the hands of a few corporations is a dangerous precedent, but at the moment that is a secondary threat to freedom and liberty. The Common Purpose of Leveson is the real and present danger.

Created on the back of a massive lie, that press phone hacking was not controllable by existing laws, the Guardian and its Common Purpose tentacle, the Media Standards Trust, deliberately created and fueled a press, media and government furore. The Guardian was even prepared to cynically use an emotive family tragedy and a lie, by falsely claiming that Millie Dowler’s texts were deleted.

By the time the phone hacking firestorm was burning, the UK Column and CP Exposed had been warning for several years of the danger of the political charity Common Pupose, and its subversive objectives to destroy both liberty and democracy in UK. Using key information taken from the UK Column, the Daily Mail  eventually joined some of the dots in December 2012, to publish an expose of the Common Purpose network wrapped around Leveson. The Telegraph and Sun followed suit, as did the Guardian with a disingenuous piece ignoring the fact that its parent, the Scott Trust, had funded the Common Purpose Media Standards Trust in the first place. To their credit, the Mail, Telegraph and Sun exposure also covered the role of the Common Purpose created Hacked Off campaign, but none of the press identified the critical danger to press freedoms – the influence and control of David Bell (Common Purpose Chair of Trustees) and Julia Middleton (Common Purpose CEO), already deeply embedded in Cameron’s government.

The UK Column investigated and exposed the role of Bell and Middleton in their secretive efforts to win contracts to train the Top 200 Civil Servants by insider meetings with Tory Cabinet ‘Transparency’ guru Francis Maude MP. This blatant insider dealing, coupled with emails from Middleton to Maude signed love Julia, revealed that their political charity had achieved even greater power within Cameron’s conservative government than it had working directly from the offices of Labour Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. We should highlight here that Middleton comes from a marxist Demos background.

Jump forward to the Leveson Inquiry. Common Purpose and Media Standards Trust David Bell, having led the campaign for a hacking inquiry, is appointed as Leveson’s senior panel member. Please note the word appointed, which will arise repeatedly as the state control net closes around Britain’s mainstream press. Supported by Bell, Leveson did his dirty work, relying heavily on the ‘evidence’ of ‘witnesses’ widely praised and flaunted by Common Purpose, the Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off. They included pillars of morality such as Hugh Grant, Max Mosely and Chris Bryant MP, and those involved with MST and Hacked Off, and other Common Purpose satellites such as Goldsmith’s University Media Reform Coalition and Full Facts. Appointed in his inquiry role by Cameron, Leveson did not appear worried by conflict of interest amongst his team or witnesses, nor was he worried by the huge conflict of interest posed by the undeclared Common Purpose people and associated organisations. At this stage the press exposures, either deliberately or through incompetence, also failed to highlight that Cameron’s inner Cabinet was already heavily in bed with Common Purpose.

Leveson’s inquiry duly led to recommendations for greater press monitoring and control, backed by draconian fines. The press were to have no say in appointments of  ‘independent’ appointees to the bodies created to impose his recommendations. Significantly he refused to appear in person to answer questions on his work – no doubt realising he could not defend his inquiry blatantly riddled with conflict of interest and vested interest. As the true impact and danger of his recommendations emerged, a few journalists finally began to raise the alarm and a number of titles joined forces to propose a Press counter response to Leveson’s scam. Cries that Cameron himself was deeply involved with Common Purpose, not least through their Dishaa India initiative, and had failed to declare his interest, was too little much too late. The press completely failed to understand the danger of the Common Purpose conspiracy ranged against them. Predicably, the Privy Council rejected the press proposal and backed Leveson’s recommendations under the control of a Royal Charter…. comprising an ‘Independent Appointments’ Panel, appointing a  ‘Recognition’ Panel to oversee a ‘Regulator’ dealing with Complaints, Industry Code of Conduct and an Arbitration service.

Perhaps we should also mention here Leveson witness Paul Andrew Vickers, Group Legal Director of Trinity Mirror Plc, the man later to draft the IPSO structure and rules. Coincidently the husband of Common Purpose CEO Julia Middleton is also a longstanding Trinity Mirror man.

Cutting to the quick, let’s identify the attack on press freedom (and ultimately our freedom) in just one paragraph. Common Purpose created the call for Leveson’s inquiry, David Cameron Common Purpose supporter appointed Leveson, Common Purpose guru Sir David Bell acted as witness, judge and jury by sitting on the Leveson panel, Common Purpose witnesses said what Common Purpose encouraged them to say. Cameron passed Leveson’s proposals to the highly secretive Privy Council, under the control of Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Privy Council, Nick Clegg. Who appointed Clegg to his positions? David Cameron. Within the Privy Council, far from the eyes and ears of the public, Clegg appointed Privy Counsellors Lord McNally (Justice Minister), Jeremy Hunt MP (Health Secretary) and Maria Miller MP (Culture Media and Sport) (both departments being Common Purpose users), to determine the Privy Council decision and Royal Charter. Achieving the outcome they desired, they appoint Privy Counsellor and former President of the Supreme Court Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers to Chair the Foundation Group which will appoint the Appointments Panel. Phillips duly appoints former top Civil Servant Sir Hayden Phillips to Chair the Appointments Panel – the very same panel that will ‘independently’ appoint the Recognition Panel and Regulator. Meanwhile Common Purpose continues to campaign for tighter press controls, and is deeply embedded in the government, local government and public sector, including the Police, NHS, Education, Social Services, Information Commissioners Office, Audit Office, Treasury and GCHQ. Further afield it wields influence within the banking industry, law firms, accountancy firms and their trainers. The UK Column will continue to warn of the creeping control of Common Purpose. Contrary to the recent squealing claims of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ that Al Qaeda forms the biggest threat to UK, Common Purpose subversion within Britain is the real and present danger.

Venture Capital: Libyan Energy Turmoil, Twitter Storm & Cost of Beauty (E15)

This week another round of protests in Libya threaten gas exports to Italy – with winter on the way – it’s Italians that could be left in the cold. Katie Pilbeam asks industry expert – Stuart Eliott from Platts for his analysis on the escalating tensions in the lawless country. Twitter took the New York Stock Exchange by storm with its much anticipated IPO but with the NSA spying scandal shedding light on social network intrusion – we ask Mike Ingram from BGC Partners when the millions of users will have had enough and switch off. Plus – Moscow played host to the Miss Universe beauty pageant for the very first time, Katie caught up with some of the beauty contestants to ask for their financial advice. And our very own beauty and in house investor Sean Thomas talks to us about his latest trades – which aren’t so pretty!


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The Alex Jones Show – Sunday, November 10, 2013 (Full Show): Joel Skousen, Laura Pressley

On the Sunday, November 10 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex will talk with political scientist Joel Skousen about the latest geopolitical developments and the ominous talks of war with China as the west pivots away from the Middle East. Jones also discusses the City of Austin being the first city in Texas to allow opting out of the spy boxes known as smart meters with in-studio guest Dr. Laura Pressley. We’ll also examine the latest efforts to expand and normalize Big Brother style surveillance throughout the nation through federally funded light fixtures that can bark orders, as well as record audio and video. Tune in from 4PM to 6PM Central at

New Study: ‘Geoengineering to Cause Drought Worldwide’

A new study finds that geoengineering does exactly the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Meanwhile, governments continue the cover-up of chemtrail applications worldwide.

Chemtrails or geoengineering application. Aerosol spraying. Please watch the film SHADE the Motion Picture to learn more. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Chemtrails or geoengineering application. Aerosol spraying. Please watch the film SHADE the Motion Picture to learn more. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

(INTELLIHUB) — A recent study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres[1] points out that global geoengineering applications actually do exactly the opposite of what proponents of geoengineering and scientists claim. Geoengineering activists and others have touched on this as well. However, geoengineering agendas still remain in full swing worldwide despite the public outcry and awakening. In fact, now private companies are even geoengineering our oceans under permits issued by United Nations (U.N.) blanketed programs against the best interests and will of the people.

While none of this should come as a surprise, especially if you have read white papers such as Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200)[2]. This very document authored by Kissinger in 1974 and released by the National Security Council (N.S.C.), detailed how there would be a need to control population growth in the world and also pointed out that weather and drought would indeed play into the overall plan. The memo even detailed that Africa and the mid-East would likely sustain heavy drought in the future reducing population numbers in third-world regions as a result. Interestingly enough, what we see to this day is an agenda that literally fall lockstep with Kissinger’s plan.

Now, most recently we can see with the publication entitled The hydrological impact of geoengineering in the Geoengineering Model Inter-comparison Project (GeoMIP) information emerging that was previously withheld from the public by government and military agencies at all costs. ”The research found that geoengineering would cause a drop in both the amount and frequency of precipitation worldwide, particularly over some land areas. In the dozen computer models used for the study, monsoonal rains dropped by an average of 7 percent in North America, 6 percent in East Asia and South America and 5 percent in South Africa. Those seasonal rains are vital for sustaining crops in highly populated regions and substantial changes to monsoon seasons could have wide ramifications for food availability and political stability. In addition, the study found that average global precipitation could drop by about 4.5 percent.”, reported Andrew Freeman with[2] This is exactly the information the governments worldwide have been suppressing for over three decades.

John Fasullo, climate researcher and author of the study explained how “you have to pick your poison”,  because what we are seeing now after careful study, is that geoengineering applications have both their upsides and downsides. Although right now it appears the downsides outweigh the positive effects yielded from such terraforming procedures. “The new study simulated the effects of using solar radiation management in an environment in which the amount of greenhouse gases in the air is four times the level observed at the start of the industrial revolution. That is far higher than today, since the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main long-lived greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere has not yet doubled from the preindustrial level.

The study found that blocking some incoming solar radiation would alter the temperature profile of the atmosphere by cooling the lower atmosphere. At the same time, increased amounts of greenhouse gases would continue to warm the air at higher altitudes. That would make the atmosphere more stable and reduce the amount of storminess that would occur, said Simone Tilmes, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colo.

According to Tilmes, “it’s not possible” for geoengineering to bring the climate back to where it was in preindustrial times, because the climate system will still be responding to the increased amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.”, reported in an amazingly astute piece.[3]

Recently the issues like global geoengineering, global dimming and solar radiation management (S.R.M.) have gained major traction as key documentary films such as “SHADE the Motion Picture” and “What In the World Are They Spraying?” have done an excellent job of bringing this suppressed information out to the masses. Both films come highly recommended and can be used as a tool to educate others, bringing them up to speed on these very issues rather quickly. Key chemtrail and geoengineering researchers and activists such as Rosalind Peterson, Avalon and Harold Saive also deserve mention as they have paved the way for others.

One of my favorite articles makes mention of how we (the populace) are being sprayed like roaches with deadly toxins and heavy metals.[5]

If one were to search the title “Exposed: Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered – Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches[5] on Google the result will pop up in the number one position as it should. However, if one click onto the article it only redirects you to the main page of, rather than into the article itself in a blatant attempt at censorship.

While that’s not the only censorship has experienced lately, Intellihub’s founder and director Shepard Ambellas was recently blacklisted from Coast to Coast AM, which coincidentally is one of the largest radio shows in the world, after appearing on a highly rated Friday night episode which released too much information detrimental to globalist sponsored operations.’s website show description reads, “During the second hour, Shepard Ambellas of accused the U.S. government of acting on behalf of large corporate interests that are ultimately controlled by a handful of wealthy individuals bent on ushering in a one world government. They are not interested in solving problems nor do they have the best interest of American citizens in mind, he warned. Comparing them to the mafia, Ambellas disclosed the plan of the elite to force smaller nations to submit to organizations like the United Nations. They desire to turn freethinking individuals into mindless worker drones living in cubicles, he continued, noting how chemicals are being used to dumb down the populace. Congress is paid off, nothing is getting better, life is becoming more complex and the tax burden on average citizens is growing heavy, Ambellas lamented. He encouraged listeners to stand up and take action, adding that “the average person could step into the presidency… and turn the whole country around within their first term.”[6]

Ambellas says that the Travel Channel is stepping it up, bringing some truth to the masses with its all new series “America Declassified” which Ambellas appears on starting Nov. 17, 2013 at 10pm EST. In the episode Ambellas probes around the Denver International Airport, answering “the 64 million dollar question” posed in Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory, pointing out an actual member of the “New World Airport Commission”. The episode is based on a secret underground base located under the Denver International Airport


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